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Disclosure of Information:

The information on any of the forms you submit to us will be held and used by Horse Trailer Parts Direct in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act for the purpose of order processing, account administration, statistical analysis and business analysis. Your information will not be passed on to any third party. Any information you supply to us with regard to credit or debit card payments are not held or retained or stored by Horse Trailer Parts Direct as all payments are processed by Paypal. If you require any further information regarding this Policy please contact us at Horse Trailer Parts Direct or refer to the data protection act which we operate within. 

We have also signed up to the Information Commissioners Personal Information Promise:

The Promise is intended to help strengthen public trust and confidence in the way organisations handle their personal information. It is a clear statement from the very top of an organisation that it values the personal information entrusted to it and will put the appropriate resources in place to look after it. It also sends a clear signal to the workers in the organisation about the importance of looking after people’s personal information and that this is something taken very seriously at senior level.

Further information on the promise can be found at:


All online payments taken through our website are powered by PayPal or PayPal Website Payments Pro. Standard PayPal payments are made on PayPal's secure checkout pages on their server. PayPal Website Payments Pro payments are integrated in to our checkout system to allow you to checkout your order quickly and securely. These transactions are processed by Paypal and none of your financial information is retained or stored by Horse Trailer Parts Direct. This process also applies to telephone payments made to us whereby we administer the payment on your behalf via paypal and no financial information is retained or stored by Horse Trailer Parts Direct.


Our checkout pages are hosted on our secure server. Our shared SSL certificates are Version 3.0 signed by Equifax Global, using AES 256bit encryption. All payments are processed by Paypal, therefore we do not retain or store any of your financial information. None of your information will be passed or disclosed to any third party.


Like most websites, Horse Trailer Parts Direct uses cookies to track how many visitors we get on our website. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer that remembers your preferences for websites, what pages you've viewed and other anonymous data that helps us improve our website. No personal details are stored or shown to us.

By visiting and using the Horse Trailer Parts Direct website with your browser setup to accept cookies indicates you want to learn about our services and provide consent to use cookies. You can turn off cookies in your web browser settings menu.

The cookies we use on our website includes Google Analytics to track how many people visit our website and the pages they view. Our e-commerce software also uses cookies to let cusotmers save their login details and remember if they have signed in or not.


Phishing is the practice of tricking someone into divulging confidential personal information. Examples can include claiming to be a legitimate business when sending an email to a user with the intention of getting the user to divulge personal information to them which will then be used to commit theft, fraud or identity fraud.

We will never ask you to send us any personal information via email. If we require such information we will ask you to contact us via telephone and we would urge users to ask us a pertinent question in order to satisfy themselves that they are speaking to Horse Trailer Parts Direct. Should you be sent any such types of email purporting to be from Horse Trailer Parts Direct please do not respond and advise us of the occurrence.

Horse Trailer Parts Direct

Horse Trailer Parts Direct provide a comprehensive range of horse trailer parts online in the UK. Our horse trailer spares are all oraganised in to categories to help you find exactly what you want. Simply move your mouse cursor over the category links at the top of this page to see a drop down menu of our categories. We provide parts for Ifor Williams horse trailers in addition to other popular brands and setups. So, if you're looking for parts for trailers or any kind of trailer accessories please take a look at our website to find what you need. If you any questions please call us on 01305 269393 and we'd be delighted to help you.

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